Welcome to Varahi Technologies...!

Our vision is to develop world class technology product for better information management and analysis. Our aim is to take innovative challenges and execute the idea to perfection.

Our mission is to value individual ambitions and make it driving force for company growth and individual's career. We believe in power of decentralization and we encourage individuals for working independently on the technology they love.

Varahi is now 2 years old

Company has completed 2 years of operation in August 2012. During past 2 year team has worked with some great developers and customers.


Game development

Team has started developing in house expertise in game development for PC, Mac, i-Phone and Android. We have decided Unity 3D with c# as tool set.


Help your project grow with quality consultancy services. We help you to streamline process and provide our technology expertise for developing product and project efficiently .

We provide consultancy in analysis, design , development and project management activities .

We believe in power of idea and executing them to reality Our dedicated software team work on building them and providing them healthy to end customers. We also help others for building the idea.

What are we working on?

Finance Management Solution

We are developing a web based and window based solution for managing financial portfolio of customer.

Inspection and Data Management System

The system is an intranet office management system It schedules inspection , maintains work details and customer data in interactive manner.

Who can join us?

We are always looking for passionate developers who is creator by heart and engineer by mind.

- Constantly seeking new knowledge
- Concern with quality and performance of code
- Eager to help others
- Good in communication
- Accountable for his own actions

If you think you can be one of use kindly, get more information about our recruitment process.

What we can do for you?