Over last few years, internet has undergone a lot of changes. New web technologies like php, jquery have evolved which made web development easier. Websites built with these new web technologies are secure and performance of these websites is good. But these technologies are not perfect, php is easy to use but contains many security flaws. Jquery is event driven but not a server-side technology. There is a new technology called Node.js which is fast , secure and which has impeachable performance that was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Ever since its release it is gaining acceptance as a server-side platform and currently it is used by linkedin, Microsoft, Yahoo! And PayPal. The reason why so many companies are adopting Node.js is because it comes with loaded features like event-driven, non-blocking I/O api which makes it a smart choice . Node.js applications make use of JavaScript which can run on Node.js runtime, which means JavaScript is used as a server-side programming language.Node.js applications make use of a single thread for non-blocking I/O calls which results in allowing thousands of concurrent connections, And as just one thread is used context switching never happens which results in lighting fast performance.Node.js uses Google V8 JavaScript engine which compiles JavaScript source code Just In Time which improves the overall performance of the web-site. Event-driven , non-blocking I/O and Just In Time compilation features make it possible to build a real time web application using Node.js.
Node.js offers so many things that it has application in many areas like E-commerce , payment procession, social media and real time services hence it is not a surprize that companies like PayPal, Microsoft , Yahoo! adopted Node.js. Hence, the future of Node.js platform seems bright.