“Angular JS” is very powerful JavaScript framework. Though it is JavaScript but we can say that it is more than that. It is a next generation JavaScript that has some very compelling features for not only developers, but designers as well! It can do lot many work at client side only and reduces work load on server. Not only in the case of validation but from presentation to event handling it gives its best. Today so many IT companies are moving towards Angular JS and becoming more popular in industry for its best features including two way data binding, Dependency injection, Directives, MVC and many more. In todays world the industry requirements is more about single page applications and Angular is there as a solution.

One of the best function of it is two way data binding which keeps your data real time having continuous watch on it. Dependency injection allows you to use features of another JavaScript framework to be integrated and used with AngularJS. As per developers experience it’s another advantage is that it can be used to build hybrid mobile applications including android, ios, windows and blackberry in conjunction with cordova and ionic frameworks. Talking about Directives which allows you to create your own attributes and enables to operate an HTML element as per your requirements right from the paragraph tag to the input element. Don’t worry you can use JQuery as well in parallel with it, Angular don’t mind whether you are operating an element with his scope or with the JQuery, rather it supports JQuery to do that.

There is no end to the features of this technology and cannot be explained in one article. For the glimpses some are Routing, Ajax Requests, JSON communication etc. Angular JS is often more and coming with even better functionality day by day and a great gift to the developers by Google as the biggest thing is that it is “Open Source”. So don’t think that it is client side technology and has a very limited scope compared with other server side technologies, just go for it, because it is equally comparable.